Deck Ovens

Deck Ovens

BM-DEO-LUX-1301 series

The BakeMatic deck ovens are designed out of high quality stainless steel and to have one or more baking chambers allowing large volumes of bread and or pastry based products to be baked. Our deck ovens can be used with a stone hearth for the baking surface (pizza products) and be fitted with individual controlled deck steam generators ensuring a crisp bread crust. The option of an underbuild prover unit is also available. Heat is created through elements or burners located at the top and bottom of the chamber. The chamber's components---floor, walls and ceiling---absorb heat and radiate that heat back, allowing for an even baking temperature.

Our Industrial Cyclothermic deck ovens models use an old and traditional method of heating the baking chamber, air. The production of heat is cycled using air via panels or tubes located at the top or bottom of the chamber, circulate and recycle the air via a convection fan found at the back of the oven resulting in evenly baked goods.

These Industrial deck ovens can also be adapted with our Automatic Oven Loader BM-OVL-1301 series. Available in various standard widths and up to five sections in height, standard crown height is 170 mm but an optional height of 220 mm is also available. Suited for most tray and bread sizes and designed in a flexible module system with many options which gives each bakery the ability to create the oven that suits their needs best. Each oven section can be individually controlled. All of our ovens can be supplied with manual adjustable or touch screen control panels.

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