Spiral mixers

Spiral mixers

BM-MS-1315 up to 13100

What does a BakeMatic Spiral Fixed bowl or Removable bowl mixer do for you?

Proper oxygenation, rotational speed, synchronization of bowl and hook as well as time are crucial for making perfect dough.

That is why the BakeMatic spiral mixers will beat the competition every time in making the finest quality dough. Great for breads, bagels, pizza and gentle type French dough. Our mixers will significantly reduce your operating time.

Our vertical, stationary, removable bowl and tilt-over spiral mixers have set the standard for the industry in quality, reliability and value. We have engineered every model to make it the strongest, most reliable machine you can own. Robust manufacturing with the highest quality materials ensure a 100% operation even in the toughest industrial bakery environments. Let us evaluate your production needs and use our experience to recommend the right size and style to maximize efficiency, reduce operating cost and maximize profits... without sacrificing quality!

BakeMatic offers both fixed and removable bowl spiral mixers.

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