Rotary & Reciprocating Pillow Unit

Rotary & Reciprocating Pillow Unit


BakeMatic flow–pack (pillow pack) range of automatic packaging machines are developed to shrink-pack or to film-wrap a wide variety of bakery products in a flow-pack (pillow pack) format creating an overlapped longitudinal seal.

The  PRP & PRC flow packing units are the result of BakeMatic commitment with the innovation and the technological development of the products to offer our clients a turnkey bakery solution including the packaging.

All our packaging units are made with the utmost care and the result is a robust construction and a very high flexibility machine that incorporates the state of the art packaging technology.

This high flexibility on the machines allows wrapping a wide variety of products by simple and fast changeovers, and also allows using different wrapping materials on the same machine. The robust construction of the machines is complemented with an Industrial PC based electronic control, and on some units a touch screen that allows to control and store in a data base the settings for the different products to be wrapped.

Typical packing applications are; biscuits, bread and confectionary

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