Rack Ovens

Rack Ovens

BM- RAO-1301-series

BakeMatic rack ovens boast exceptionally large baking surfaces with minimum space requirements.Our rack oven range fits 600 x 400 mm as well as 600 x 800 mm tray sizes. Our engineers are especially proud of the optimally projected heat exchanger to keep stable baking parameters and small fuel consumption.

Horizontal hot air supplying units improves the quality of baking and also permits to increase the quantity of trays on the trolleys. Rack ovens made by BakeMatic stand for long service life and high operational reliability.

High-quality materials for heat exchanger, baking chamber and front and exterior paneling add a very appealing appearance to this concept. The individual components are not bolted but carefully and securely welded.

Each BakeMatic rack oven stands on an extremely strong stainless steel base plate. These are decisive factors for a long and reliable service life. BakeMatic rack ovens can be supplied with a hook mechanism or can be simply fitted with a rotating platform as base for the trolley.

The ovens can be supplied in Electric, Gas or Diesel type.

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