BM-SLT-1301 – series

BakeMatic strength lies in the fact that we have slicers that can cut any kind of bread, be it small, large, round, elongated, or have a hard or soft crust.

As example toast bread can be sliced in 6,8,9,11,13,15 or 17 mm thickness with the slice blades easy to interchange. A major asset when equipment must be purchased in an ever-changing world. From the small compact table-based slicer that will fit into almost every space, to our high-yield combi slicer designed for semi industrial bakeries.

Our combi slicer operates with both slicing and packaging combined with a capacity of 1500 loaves each hour. Built with a strong and reliable mechanism, our slicers include several innovations, related to hygiene, safety, design, ergonomics, or performance. Take a tour of our models and determine which of them meets all your needs best.

Imagine it in your shop or in your production facility!

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