Dividers & Rounders

Dividers & Rounders

DIV -1301

BakeMatic offers two different type of divider systems namely the Industrial automatic divider unit BM-DIV-IND series which is feeding the artisan automatic bread line or BakeMatic’s standalone divider/rounder units models BM-DIV series.

Our manual dividers are designed for bakery and pastry applications, excluding all other types of uses. The use of a hydraulic divider allows the division of the dough in equal dough pieces

This machine replaces the manual division, in order to gain time and precision Our automatic divider is a machine for dividing the dough into equal pieces. Due to its unique design admission/pressure and a calibrating chamber the unit assures a perfect regularity of the divided pieces. It is for professional use and can even be used for production requirements over 500 kilos a day.

Its use is simplified by external controls enabling variation of dough piece weight, hourly rate and number of dough pieces.

The unit is suitable for all type of dough. BakeMatic manual and semi automatic rounders treat the dough gently to make perfect round rolls. There’s also a choice of fully automatic or electronical rounders in a range of different capacities for increased throughput.

Our semi automatic rounders offer the convenience of an automatic machine yet at a considerable lower price. With a simple movement of the handle you can set rounding stroke and duration, with the power for dividing supplied by a hydraulic system. Technical improvements mean a more accurate distribution of dough.

The dividing discs with Teflon coating are made of anodized aluminium; light and easy to remove. With seven different sizes you can use the same machine for a wide variety of rolls. Our units are very easy to keep clean, simplicity and ease of press button / hand lever operation, Teflon coated pressure plate to eliminate sticking, ease of cleaning the cutting blades and pressure plate,

• No movement during operation giving a quality of rolls which are all perfect evenly rounded.

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